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The University of Bums on Seats is based upon a modular pedagogy, whereby students are free to pick any combination of 15 modules over three years. They may then choose the title of their degree from the following list, which will appear on their certificate. 


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The following modules have places within this academic year:

Module Name: Ineptitude
Value: 1 Course Unit
Tutor: Mr. David Useless
This module is aimed primarily at those on the "British Management and Business Administration" course, although it has the same academic value as any other module.
The course gives a valuable introduction to the lack of skills necessary to run a British business/public-service/academic institution. It is subdivided in to the following components:
"Decision avoidance","Delegation: an Introduction to Buck Passing", "Being a 'Power User': a guide to annoying computer technicians" and "Blame Redirection".

Module Name: Speculation and Tautology
Value: 1 Course Unit
Tutor: Dr Paul Liar
A very in-depth introduction to the skill of constructing lengthy documents with minimal content. By the end of this module, students should be proficient in making spurious comparisons, grand generalisations and writing syntax-free sentences. This module is required by all students

Module Name: Reflexive Perspectives on Post-Modern Verbosity
Value: 1 Course Unit
Tutor: Dr Len Egotiste
Dr Egotiste explains his highly acclaimed model of pre-ordinal thought post-processing without the need for conflicting arguments. By the end of the course, students should have obtained enough knowledge of the subject to enable the student to pass the exam set by Dr Egotiste himself. 

Module Name: Self Promotion inc. Melon Studies
Value: 1 Course Unit
Tutor: Dr Frank Leehope-Less
In the current academic climate, it is very important for institutions and academics to be able to justify their existence by researching topics which create mass-media appeal, despite limited scientific or sociological value. In this course, Dr Leehope-less illustrates the methodolgy by using his recent research into the similarity between melons and girls breasts as a case-study. Dr Leehope-less is also currently running the degree course in Star Wars Appreciation.  



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