Meet The Board


Meet the Board


Student Life

Prof Alan Dubious
Vice Chancellor
Professor Alan Dubious (MAd,TOTP,DipSHiT)
After obtaining his Phd from the University of Oxford in Zimbabwe, Professor Dubious  has become a leading light in the field of Academic Downsizing. He has published numerous books on the subject of reducing costs within large academic organisations and was also the author of the best-selling book "You Too Can Become a Millionaire in Under Six Weeks".

Mike Shagger
Senior Academic Officer
Dr Mike Shagger
Dr Shagger joined the university as a lecturer of Psychology in 1975. In 1977 he introduced the controversial all-female psychology-study camping weekends which have become very popular with his students. His dedication to their welfare is held in high regard by the senior staff of the university who stood by him for the entire duration of his six month sabbatical which ended when all charges of sexual misconduct were dropped.

Dick Dongle
Director of Information Technology Services
Mr Dick Dongle BA(Ed) MBA
Dick is a longstanding member of the university and has served in senior management for over 30 years. Despite his advanced years, and close proximity to retirement, he is still an active member of the IT directorate and has recently been awarded a certificate of attendence for the "Introduction to Microsoft Windows" course.

so mote it be
Academic Registrar
Mr John Freemason (Order of the rolled trouser, KBE[pending])
Despite the otherwise open nature of the university, Mr Freemason has requested that no personal information which relates to him be included on this site. In order to give a square deal, we have decided to honour this request suffice to say that he is very much on the level.

Ron Richards
Senior College Bloke
Dr Ron 'The Razor' Richards
Ron Richards, whose family have resided in the Peckham area for over 12 generations was a welcome addition to the board in 1993. He has 4 doctorate degrees from Oxford, although sadly, following a fire in his previous job, all evidence of these has been burned.  Ron's close links with the local community, council and constabulary have proved to be invaluable, particularly when cutting through tedious legal red-tape, and over-zealous health and safety laws.


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