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The Lively Town Centre
The lively,cosmopolitan town centre is a short 45 minutes away on the university mini-bus.

Student under tree (not taken at UBS)An undergrad studying under a tree takes advantage of the summer sun.
(Note: picture not taken at the University of Bums on Seats)

Disco Bowling Night
The Students' Union  monthly "Disco Bowling Night" is always lots of fun!

Spring Garden Mews Halls of Residence
Spring Garden Mews Undergraduate Halls of Residence provides space for up to 350,000 students.

Computer Facilites
A research student "surfs" the Internet-Superhighweb on our state-of-the-art computing facility.

Mad As Arseholes"You don't have to be mad to study here but it helps!!". But seriously, we all wish Emma well as she recovers from her recent nervous breakdown.



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