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About Suck

As of today, the ISO (International Suck Organisation) approved a new mathematical symbol to represent the value of suck. Like π and e, suck is very difficult to represent on paper because it is both complex and irrational. Consequently a standard symbol has long been needed to accurately describe things that suck. The ISO have officially designated the following symbol as a universal representation of the value of suck:

Unicode 0x03ff

If you can't see the symbol above, then use this diagram.

There were many reasons why the ISO chose this particular symbol to represent suck, including:

Now that suck may be easily represented, the human race can embark upon an entirely new branch of mathematics.
For example, we all know that Jay Leno sucks. Therefore we can say:

Jay Leno = Ͽ

(Obviously this is calculated on average throughout his career thus far.) We also know that Billy Ray Cyrus sucks on a far greater level, which may be expressed:

Billy Ray Cyrus = 2Ͽ

Therefore we can deduce that if Jay Leno and Billy Ray were together, they would have a combined suck value of:

Jay Leno + Billy Ray Cyrus = Ͽ + 2Ͽ = 3Ͽ

An extreme case:

Bono out of U2 = ϿϿ

Therefore, we can say:

Bono out of U2 / Jay Leno = ϿϿ - 1

Typing the Suck Character

On the web

To produce Ͽ on a web page you can simply use the following HTML entity:
When the page is viewed in a web browser, the symbol will appear.


Just copy the character: Ͽ and paste it where you need it. Even if it doesn't appear properly on your computer, it should work for anyone who has a computer that is configured properly.

Linux (Gnome anyway)

  1. Simply hold down SHIFT and CTRL while typing ux3ff.
  2. Then let go of SHIFT and CTRL.

Mac OS-X

See the Official Apple Documentation.


  1. Press and hold down the Alt key.
  2. Press the + (plus) key on the numeric keypad.
  3. Type 03ff.
  4. Release the Alt key.

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