Keeping Your People Down

Fascists, Football, Ecstacy and Gladiators
It is vitally important when governing any variety of semi-fascistic state to ensure that your subjects, citizens, call them what you will, are completely unlikely to overthrow you. The traditional method of achieving this situation is by brute force. Many a dictatorship has been held together by the threat of the gun, however this is inherently unstable. It only takes a rebellion with more guns, or bigger muscles to overthrow you.

An alternative approach, also very popular with meglomaniacs from all four corners of the world, is to convince the opressed that opression is what they actually want. In practice, this method can be so effective that the people will even fight to defend their opressed state. If you yourself are planning to instigate your own dictatorial oligarchy then all you need to do is follow these simple rules:

Every week people in the UK spend hours watching contentless TV, drinking, arguing about football and generally not thinking about the stripping of rights that is currently underway. Surveillance cameras are multiplying faster than any virus "for the protection of the public", there are some parts of London where one can never be off camera. Politicans talk about curfews for under 16s and all the majority of people are concerned about is whether we'll be keeping the queens head on our currency. I can only bow down in respect to the cynical mind that decided to name one of the worst examples of mindless peasant pacifying TV "Gladiators". Gladiators. It can only be a matter of time before "Gladiators" really are fighting for their lives again. Imagine the ratings.

The youth, normally the driving force behind any political action, are quite content with destroying their weekends with drugs, achieving nothing but sleepless nights in bizarre, tribalistic population control centers, or 'clubs' as they are euphamistically called. Why try and change society when you can get all the hapiness you need from a small while pill ?

Ok, this is an old idea, and its been done many times. 1984, Brave New World, Rollerball, Running Man, the list goes on. Why worry. Lets just get pissed....

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